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Springs play a critical role in the operation of your garage door and require proper handling by a qualified technician. If you need help with this repair call Garage Door Katy. We have a team of certified technicians that can effectively assist you. If your torsion spring needs replacement, we can help you quickly and efficiently.

This is one part of the garage that you don’t want to handle on your own because of its inherent danger. Because this type of spring helps to raise and lower a garage door, it is under a lot of tension and could cause major damage if it breaks. When you need help with this part, call us and let us handle it for you. Whether you are installing a whole door or any of its dozens of parts, Garage Door Katy can perform your installations any time you need to.

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When we repair garage door spring you will notice the big difference it makes in the smooth operation of your door. One of the signs that you have springs issues is that your door no longer opens or closes smoothly. This could indicate they are out of balance and needs to be repaired.

Our technicians are skilled in torsion spring replacement, which is a difficult and potentially dangerous job for the unskilled. Since we have the knowledge, skills and proper tools to handle this job, this is a fairly routine repair for us. We can replace garage door spring in a short time since we deal with this type of repair a lot especially for older homes in Katy.

We can perform this repair fast because we have them in stock and ready to supply them when needed. If your garage door is not operating the way it should, you need to call an experienced technician to take a look at it. Since these doors have a lot of moving parts and get used a lot, the potential of breaking down are high.

Most common parts to go out on any garage are springs because of the high tension they are exposed to carry the load. If you need garage door spring repair, call us.

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